Tales from the Crypt 2 — Creature Feature

Trigger warning:  This photo is of an actual closet at St. Paul’s.  It has not been posed. Shield your eyes. You never know what you’re going to find when you open a closet door at St. Paul’s.  This week we found Miss Kitty who apparently got lost trying to find her way back to the […]

6/24/21: Renovations Update

The campus is buzzing with activity right now. In my previous message, I reported on the storm drains under the parish hall that had disintegrated.  As of this writing, that work is substantially complete and we will no longer have rain water standing in the crawl space. The new 1000 amp electrical service is in […]

6-2-2021: Renovation Update

It’s been a busy time since the last update on the renovations, and – of course – it’s been an adventure. In May, we authorized jetting and videoing our storm drains and having them located on a site plan.  This turned up a couple of interesting conditions that are being addressed.  Once we understand the […]

Time to Clean Up!

Tales from the Crypt Do you recognize anything in these pictures?  The property committee recently toured the campus and looked in every room, nook, cranny, and closet.  As you can see there is… stuff… everywhere! It’s time to clean out so we can welcome a new rector to a facility that is organized and in […]

4-21-2021 Renovation Update

If you’ve been by the campus this past week, you’ve seen a lot of dirt movement. On the Chestnut Hill Avenue side near the Alexander room a pit has been dug and a concrete vault has been installed as part of our new electrical service.  PECO will soon be scheduled to install a new transformer.  […]