Advent of Hope

The Advent of Hope – think differently! Several decades ago, while working with the Anglican Church of Uganda on their AIDS prevention program, an interesting research project showed the correlation between survival and hope. A cohort of Ugandan women were followed by the study,  to try to discover why some women survived HIV infection and […]

A holiday season like never before

A holiday season like never before On Monday evening, the Vestry passed a resolution to resume virtual worship only, and to postpone any further in-person worship until early January. This was influenced by the state and county officials imposing new restrictions on both outdoor and indoor gatherings and a further pastoral directive from Bishop Daniel. […]

The Red Box

When you come to church or watch the next celebration of the eucharist on the internet, you will see (for the first time perhaps) a red box under the altar. I hope the original owner of the box will identify themselves when they read this. A bright red oriental chest, smelling of cedar and camphor, […]

Crossing over to the other side

All Saint’s Day is a time we remember our loved ones who have crossed over from this life to the other side. Crossing a river has always been a metaphor for the passage from this world to the next. Last week at the 9 a.m. service, our Godly Play lesson reflected on the People of […]

Outreach in the age of COVID

Outreach in the age of COVID – how can we be FAITHFUL together? In this challenging year, social distancing, gloves, and masks seem counter-productive to any conversation on outreach for St. Paul’s. As with everything else, Covid has forced us to look differently about one of St. Paul’s greatest values -concern for others less fortunate […]