8/20/21: Clergy Message from Fr. Eric

Dear St. Paul’s, Our family loves to go camping. When Shyla and I were married we decided to register at REI. We were given some good solid camping gear; we each got backpacks and a set of boots a backpacking tent and stove. On our honeymoon we set out backpacking in Yosemite. I have been […]

A Message from The Rev. Dan Kline

In our first reading for this coming Sunday, the Deuteronomistic history sums up the transition of power from King David to King Solomon in one neatly packed sentence: “So Solomon sat on the throne of his father David; and his kingdom was firmly established” [emphasis added]. While we are dealing with the priesthood and not […]

8/8/21: Clergy Message from Rev. Dan Kline

This past Sunday I preached on the intersection of ecology, First Nations, and the Christian story. St. Paul’s has a long history of engaging with those powerful topics. The Right Rev. William Hobart Hare, whose image can be seen in fresh relief on the right side of our newly restored reredos, was an early rector […]

These magical garments

Episcopalians are steeped in traditions and symbolism. We have our seasonal colors and sacred objects and vestments that are brought out and displayed. Pascal candle, advent wreath, crosses, stoles, and chasubles -all highly symbolic and possess a kind of spiritual energy, simply because they are used in sacred ritual. We imbue them with something “other” […]

In praise of our neighbors

One of the great joys of serving St. Paul’s during this time of transition was getting to know our neighbors and especially in the faith community. Rachel Falcove is Executive Director for the Interfaith Hospitality Network and shared two important stories with me. One was about the challenging days of “white flight” from neighborhoods across […]