2/2/22: Renovation Update


Winter is a time of dormancy when growth and progress happen out of sight and below the surface.  Trees, bulbs, and other flora planted in the fall are spending time sending out roots for new growth.  During the past couple of months, capital projects have been in a similar state.

Preparation for serious parish hall work began with asbestos removal, electrical rough-in, and selective demolition. We are waiting for products to arrive including the light fixtures.  In a couple of weeks, the contractors will be back on site and activity will resume.  Soon we’ll have the parish hall back in service.

Many people have commented on the campus lighting and how much it enhances the campus.  Who knew when we were planning that project a couple of years ago that we would end up spending so much time outdoors?  If you haven’t seen the campus at night recently, it’s worth a visit.  It looks lovely in the snow.

Work continues and is made possible by our pledges to the capital campaign.  Thank you to everyone who has fulfilled your pledge.  There is still about $120,000 outstanding.  Collecting these funds is vital to accomplishing as much work as possible.  If you are among those with an unfulfilled pledge, now is the time to bring accounts up to date.  Thank you to all who have made their contributions and those who continue to do so.