10/1/21: Renovation Update

Buildings are like humans; there is so much more than just a pretty face.  Inside are organs and circulatory systems that make everything function properly.  Like humans these systems need upkeep and wellness checks.  In extreme cases organ transplants are needed.

Our capital projects have focused quite a bit on St. Paul’s organs and circulatory systems.  Consider the site plan below which was produced over the past year to document the location and condition of our storm drains.  All the green lines are pathways for storm runoff to find its way to the municipal storm water management system.  Most are in good shape.  Some will need to be replaced soon and we are planning for that.   Water infiltration is a constant worry.

Yet another circulatory system that is not seen is the sanitary sewer.  If you’ve read this space in the past you know that we’ve found undocumented cesspits on the campus.   Soon we won’t have to worry about such things.  Work is almost complete to hook the parish hall, Dixon House, the rectory, and our neighbors to the municipal sewer system.  The photos below show the manholes that are in the yard of 16 E. Chestnut Hill Avenue.  This will be the last area to be backfilled once all the connections are made.  Also below is a photo of the rectory yard.  The sewer connection there is complete and the yard is almost ready for landscaping.

   All of this is hidden from view but like our internal parts, these systems are essential to keeping our campus working smoothly.

Another important system that is mostly out of sight is the electrical system.  Beginning with the new transformer and continuing on to panel boards we have corrected deficient conditions and brought our power up to current codes.  Where necessary new circuits were installed and inground conduits were run for site lighting.  Campus lighting is mostly complete and illuminated.  The guiding design principals were to be minimal and unobtrusive with pathway lighting while providing a higher light level at entrances.  The only decorative lighting is the historic pendant light at the porte cochère which is being restored.

Sanctuary cleaning will likely be complete by week’s end.  It is a dramatic difference.  As a note to posterity one stone in the vestibule leading to the columbarium was left untouched.  The photo speaks for itself.







Work continues and is made possible by our pledges to the capital campaign.  Thank you to everyone who has fulfilled your pledge.  There is still about $130,000 outstanding.  Collecting these funds is vital to accomplishing as much work as possible.  If you are among those with an unfulfilled pledge, now is the time to bring accounts up to date.  Thank you to all who have made their contributions and those who continue to do so.