Mindful Worship

Evensongs are a staple of Sunday afternoon worship. On Sundays when there are no Evensongs we have created a 5 p.m. service called “Mindful Worship.” Thus, when Sunday mornings are taken up with work or sports, there is always an alternative. (Click here for our parish calendar to know which service is taking place)

Mindful Worship is based on the Prayer Book and uses mindfulness training that is being introduced in schools and places of healing. Mindful Worship then (as is true for all our services) is accessible to both children and adults. It finds its scriptural basis in Paul’s Letter to the Philippians, “Let the same mind be in you that was in Christ Jesus” (2:5). Mindful Worship includes listening and feeling music with all the senses. Readings are taken from poetry, the mystics, and from the Gospels. There is the wisdom that comes from silence, loving kindness meditation, prayers and communion.

Some may wish to sit on mats and cushions, others on chairs. The worship takes place around the labyrinth. Mindful worship is open and curious, graceful and accepting of the present moment. Self-awareness attunes to place, others, and the wisdom of God in Jesus.