Stewardship at Saint Paul’s, 2017

wiss copyThe autumn has begun when the heat of summer gives way to crisp, fall days. The trees cease their production of green chlorophyll and the underlying colors of yellows, reds, and oranges are revealed. The fall also unveils the strengths and character of Saint Paul’s. Like the fall foliage it is extraordinarily beautiful. Church school rooms burst at the seams. The singing of our choirs again helps us reach for God. The rummage sale, a centerpiece ministry of the church, welcomed the entire community to join us in blessing the world with $51,000 to alleviate hunger and homelessness in our metropolitan area. And new ministries for refugees, a growing youth ministry, the needs of our worship ministries are all pushing us to do more. The underlying autumn colors of our church are strong and bright. We are making a difference in the world in Christ’s name.

The Christian life is a generous life. It is generous in love, forgiveness, compassion, kindness, hospitality, healing, and faith. It is also generous in giving of the finances we receive. Last year most people gave to the church between $850 and $1,200. (see Pledge Information Card) The next largest segment of parishioners gave between $2,500 and $3,500. The multi-hued mission of our parish church costs $2,525 a day, and there are more days of the year than there are givers. This is only to say that every gift at whatever level is important. Our generosity at every category is changing lives. Everyone is needed.