Ending Life Ready for Jesus’ Embrace

As many of you know, I have come down with an acute case of bronchitis. This has meant not being able to join my teammates for a fiftieth anniversary of our undefeated freshmen football team at Trinity College. In the back row, I am the third in from the left. Bob Benjamin is seated next to me, the fourth in from the left. Bill is further down on the back row. (Continue Reading…) More important than the games we won is this story that Bob shared by email, since I could not be present in person. “I knew Bill Provost well from post college until his death from liver cancer. He went through a very difficult divorce, lived a life of long-term sobriety, had a very loving second marriage, and lived the life he had left after the diagnoses with joy and purpose. He grew to be a man of great faith. Prior to Christmas 2013, Bill knew that he had played out most of the clock.” Another friend visited him in Princeton with Bob. “When we retired to his den for a chat, I witnessed faith that I have rarely seen. Bill was comfortable with the knowledge that he would soon be in the embrace of Jesus.” Bob concludes, “I thought you would like to know the comfort found by Bill at the end of his life.”