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Maria’s Journal: “Me-me-wo adjo!”

This is how to say “Good Evening” in Fante and how Maria began her blog posting last Sunday. She is in Ghana, Africa to volunteer at the nursery and library in the town of Sekondi. She writes: “Today was a church day. I attended church with (our Assistant) Manny’s sister, Josephine, and her son, Cavin. It was much longer than I am used to. About 3 hours. But it was a good experience and everyone was very welcoming. There was a little girl sitting in front of us. She was about 4 and stared at me the entire time! Lol! I kept waving to her and smiling. At the end of the service, she and her Mom came over and her Mom told me that the girl’s name was Alicia. Alicia’s Mom also told me that Alicia said she loved me and wanted to be my friend ☺…. It was an interesting experience being the only white person around today. I didn’t really feel uncomfortable. In fact, I felt strangely at home as we walked around…. Oh, and I learned that my “Christian” name is “Ama,” which signifies that I am a female who was born on a Saturday.”

What a remarkable experience for Maria. We are glad she is sharing it with us.

Interfaith Hospitality Network

Would you like to help change lives?  We still need volunteers!

Join us for our Annual Interfaith Hospitality Network as we host 3-4 homeless families at our church.   Guest families are all part of a program run by Philadelphia Interfaith Hospitality Network (PIHN) that helps to transition homeless families into safe, stable housing and full-time employment for adults.

Interfaith Hospitality

Form to sign up for Hospitality Network support


Choral Evensong Services – March 26

Sunday evening – March 26 @ 5 p.m.
An extended organ prelude beginning at 4:45 p.m. Music for this service will include works by Rheinberger, Leighton, and Howells. Evensong is a great way to gather your thoughts and pray by candlelight before the start of a busy week. A reception will follow in the Parish Hall, and all are welcome.

Ash Wednesday, March 1st

Ash Wednesday Worship Begins Lent – March 1

Ash Wednesday Services will be held on March 1 at

  • 7:00 a.m.,  spoken service
  • Noon, service with hymns
  • 7:00 p.m.,  service with hymns & Choir.

Administration of ashes (made from palms blessed on Palm Sunday) will be offered to those who wish. They are a sign of our mortality and humanness in which God’s blessing, peace, and grace are made perfect. Ash Wednesday and Lent prepare our hearts for Easter. The one is as necessary as the other. Come and begin a most holy season with us on March 1.

Ashes on the Way – March 1

Emmanuel, our Assistant Rector, and Rob, our Deacon, will be at the Chestnut Hill East train station for the morning commute on Ash Wednesday. Commuters who wish may receive ashes on the way.

Saint Paul’s Church began its existence right there in an upper room of the Chestnut Hill East Train Station in 1855 for the purpose of building Christian community. Now at 22 East Chestnut Hill Avenue, we are happy to return home to our place of beginning to offer Ashes on the Way as a sign of our mortality and penitence and God’s gracious gift of everlasting life.

Lenten Worship in “Traditional” Language

During Lent we worship using the traditional language of “Rite One” drawn from the 1662 Book of Common Prayer. God is addressed with the pronoun “Thou”. This language has a transcendent quality emphasizing the majesty of God and our own humility, complementing the self-examination so characteristic of Lent. When we hear prayers in a slightly different idiom, it can awaken us to new meanings, counter thoughts (why is God always masculine?), and deeper self-awareness.