Youth Programs


Saint Paul’s Church offers a variety of ways for youth to deepen their faith and to show forth their faith in their lives. To learn more, explore the various areas below and contact the Rev. Emmanuel Mercer to plan a visit.

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Youth Education


rite 13 _2Rite 13 is for 6th and 7th graders, is a two-year component of a six-year Journey-to-Adulthood program. In addition to affirming the journey toward manhood and womanhood of our young ones, it celebrates the creativity and individuality of young teenagers by exploring four key areas of discovery-society, self, sexuality and spirituality. Rite 13 also assists young people as they begin to take steps of passage away from their own families and into their own lives. Within the two-year duration, when they turn thirteen, this event will be celebrated in church with a service loosely modeled on the Jewish bar mitzvah.


Confirmation is the renewal of our baptismal promises. The baptismal relationship with God and others is life long, and through this process we are empowered to live more fully into our baptismal promises of turning from evil to Jesus and following him as Lord. Confirmation preparation reflects the ministry of building a community of young people desirous of serving God and others.

This class will be a combination of both High School and Confirmation Candidates and will meet every Sunday at 9:40 a.m.

In addition to the Book of Common Prayer, we use Letters to a Young Doubter-by William Sloane Coffin, My Life, My Faith by Jenifer Gamber and I will with God’s Help by Mary Lee Wile.

High School Class

High School class is a combination of both Middle and High School students who gather in the Swift Bird Room to discuss scripture, theology, contemporary issues and some of the difficult challenges facing them as Youth. Our desire is to promote authenticity among the Youth while also helping them find their true calling.

Youth Group

St. Paul’s has a growing Youth Group program which meets at least once a month, often on the third Fridays for fun activities at different locations and also at the Church. St. Paul’s Youth is actively involved in Mission and Outreach. The Youth visit the Standing Rock Reservation every summer to help set-up a three-day camp for Native American Youth. We also serve at Face-to-Face and St. James’ School.

For more information about any of our programs, contact Manny @ 215-242-2055 or

Youth Group usually meets in the Swift Bird Room on Sunday evenings.

Youth Outreach Opportunities


One of the core outreach opportunities is our volunteer work with Face-to-Face, Germantown. St. Paul’s Youth visit every other month in the Fall, Winter and Spring to help cook, set-up, serve meals and clean-up. We visit Face-to-Face to volunteer only on Saturdays. Sometimes parents join the Youth in volunteering-which is always a great addition.

Mother’s Day Car Wash

This is the big Youth fundraiser. Youth gather early in the morning to wash cars of parishioners who in turn donate towards the summer Youth Pilgrimage to North Dakota.

Youth Pilgrimage to North Dakota

Every Summer, Youth from St. Paul’s embark on a Pilgrimage to the Standing Rock Native American Reservation. Our partnership with Camp Gabriel in Standing Rock reflects our historical ties with the Episcopal Church in North Dakota. This is a 10-day pilgrimage that involves preparing Camp Gabriel to host a three-day Camp for our Native American brothers and sisters. Youth from St. Paul’s also immerse themselves in Native American culture and collaborate with their Native American brothers and sisters on different projects, games and formation.

Turkey Drive

Thanksgiving could be one of the difficult days for the poor, hungry and homeless in our community. In our effort to help our struggling neighbors, the Youth promote and lead a Turkey Drive, collecting frozen turkeys to be donated to Face-to-Face, Germantown and Church of the Advocate. The frozen turkeys are collected on the Sunday before Thanksgiving and delivered to Face-to-Face and Church of the Advocate right after Sunday worship.