Our purpose as a Christian community is “creating peace,” in part through spiritual nourishment. We think you will find these offerings spiritually enriching. We also “educate for life” in both meanings of this phrase. We believe that education is life long, and our aim through spiritual education is to understand and enhance life more truly. Our Presiding Bishop Michael Curry exclaims, “We need some crazy Christians. Sane, sanitized Christianity is killing us. That may have worked once upon a time, but it won’t carry the Gospel anymore. We need some crazy Christians like Mary Magdalene and Harriet Beecher Stowe. Christians crazy enough to believe that God is real and that Jesus lives. Crazy enough to follow the radical way of the Gospel. Crazy enough to believe that the love of God is greater than all the powers of evil and death.” We think these offerings will help educate us to carry the gospel, so that our daily lives reflect the way that Jesus did and does live – giving, forgiving, doing justice, caring, and rising together.

To find out more about our explore the website or  download our brochure about Family Ministries, Children and Youth

Family Pot-Luck

Beyond the close affinity we enjoy at St. Paul’s, families meet once every quarter off campus to continue our ministry of getting to know each other. Family Pot-Lucks are hosted by parishioners. Everyone is welcomed to bring one or two of the following: appetizer, entrée, desert, cookies, salad or any kind of beverage.

Family Pot-Lucks are usually held on Saturday afternoons and it is always a great time for fun, fellowship and food.

Parents Night-Out

Parents Night-Out is a fun way for parents to get together at a local restaurant for fellowship and adult conversation while the children enjoy their own social gathering with their church friends at St. Paul’s. Pizza and sancks provided. Drop off the kids to our Child Care staff and be on your way!

Family Camping

Early this past summer we had our fourth Family Camping Weekend at Mauch Chunk Lake Park, Jim Thorpe. Families can spend the entire weekend at the Camp or simply spend a night or two depending on your schedule. Campers arrive at Camp Site around 6 p.m. on Friday and depart on Sunday after Holy Eucharist held under one of the sheds. Campers may sleep in their own tents or in cabins.

More information is usually provided in the Spring.

Parish Family Supper

St. Paul’s will offer a Parish Supper-a partnership between Chorister and Church School parents every Thursday during Lent. Parish Suppers are usually simple meals prepared by parents of Choristers and Church School students. It has so far been a great avenue for bringing families together to serve and fellowship. Volunteers are always welcome to help with buying food, cooking, setting-up or cleaning after supper.

Family Ski-Retreat

Annual Family Ski-Retreat is always a wonderful opportunity to hit the slopes or simply relax at the ski-lounge while your children enjoy the slopes. Ski-Retreat is usually scheduled for February; we will again be heading to Blue Mountain Ski Resort. More information about the Ski-Retreat is provided in the fall.

Hershey Park

On every first Saturday of June, families from St. Paul’s take a trip to Hershey Park to enjoy all that Hershey has to offer. Families gather around lunchtime to enjoy a meal together but for the most part, it’s all about children and adults having a great time touring or riding one of the many. Information about our trip to Hershey Park is usually shared in the Spring.