Contemporary Mysticism

The Center for Contemporary Mysticism

The Center for Contemporary Mysticism grew out of visits to Saint Paul’s by two best-selling authors, Irish mystic Lorna Byrne on Saint Patrick’s Day, March 17, 2013 and neurosurgeon Eben Alexander on October 20, 2013. Mysticism is the capacity to experience the divine as immediately present. It is full of surprise because no one can grasp the mind of God. There is always more to understand.

Interestingly, children have an innate sense of the presence of God. One day a Saint Paul’s young child asked his mother, “Mom, which is bigger, God or the air?” The mother had one of those deer in the headlights moments that parents sometimes get. She could not pretend not to hear, nor could she keep on with what she was doing. She turned aside from her occupation and looked down at her child. In what was for her an awkward pause, the child came to his own conclusion: “I think it must be God who is bigger, because there is no air in outer space and God is there.” The mother was both relieved and struck that she and her little boy had entered into a mystical space.

Many use too little bandwidth for God-consciousness. We tend to think less of the largeness of God than of the smallness of the moment. There is too little time and too many deadlines, too few opportunities and too many expectations. The task of the Center is to open minds to a grander vision of life. Under the transformative dimension of love, the present moment becomes expansive and one can breathe deeply with purpose. Browse the website for the Center for Contemporary Mysticism. The center seeks to “address the hunger to better understand profound spiritual and mystical experiences.” You will find meditation learning groups, book groups, videos, speakers, a library, and links to other resources.